The Top-Notch eCommerce Platforms for Multi-Supplier Markets

If you are in the e-commerce industry, choosing right platform is everything that matters. There is no universal solution, but the right platform for your online marketplace should be tailored to your goals and needs.

The market has a lot of online store platforms to offer, yet you shouldn’t be interested in all of them nor wasting your time on research as there are few that are proclaimed as the best in the industry and are very promising for 2017.

So, what are the best e-commerce platforms this year?


This is the best e-commerce solution for any type of business that is acknowledged as a market leader. The platform is efficient and effective for high volume sales, easy for integrating with other platforms and services, has a great interface and the most important – your products will sell online.

It offers a freemium and enterprise level solutions, depending on your needs and position. The platform is very fast, has great payment processing options and pre-made layouts for the entrepreneurs that are not much tech savvy. However, the layout is not as adjustable for everyone’s flavor and the add-ons are not cheap.


This is a great solution for start-up businesses that want to  start an online store or expand their existing store for the online market. The design is high-end and trendy, and it has a great workflow made to get customers to purchase a product once on the site.

As an exclusive deal, you can create a cheaper Facebook shop or get a fully independent online store for an affordable price.

They offer a lot of extensions and online support, however, there is fee for every payment and it’s not easy to integrate it with other services.


This is a platform that is with the WordPress CMS solution that is very customizable and it can be oriented for any type of needs. WordPress has a lot of free and premium extensions and add-ons that can boost the online store functions to a higher level, as well as it is editable by any level of developer.

The platform is free and you can host it on your own server and any domain name, as well as it has great features for the internet and email marketing with promotions.


This is a market-based platform that can support various designs and layouts. Powered with a great payment processor, neverending integrating option, brandable and mobile friendly – this is also a great option for an e-commerce website.

The price is affordable and available for commercial usage. The only cons here are that it isn’t much tailored for any needs and it is coded in a more advanced coding language.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition

The multi-supplier edition of this platform is equipped with a lot of features and it comes as an expensive solution, however, it is equipped with a lot of features and ERP options as well.

The interface is very user-friendly and each merchant has its own dashboard where they can operate and track the analysis or reports the platform is offering. CS-Cart is pretty flexible and you are able to hold full control of the whole platform by setting various features and declaration, define your own fees for different vendors ( on percentage or fixed fee)

The pricing of this product is not as affordable as the ones above, however, it is worth every penny.

Realistically, we can’t position a number one e-commerce platform here as they all serve different needs. Define your multi-vendor marketplace plans will determine the best platform for your online business.